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In the world of Dentistry, there are a lot of interest involved and play the game, the researcher, the clinician, the university, the manufacturer event the beaurocrat, every one want to play a big role and become the leader and guide "the world of dentistry" to certain path way that benefit them.

Dentist as a medical professional as their oath have to serve the best to the benefit of human kind well being and all of them were brother and sister, this was and always be the essence and honor of the medical professional. As in all profession there always several individual along the path of history become a leader, this talented and gifted human being have a very strong vision and commitment for serve to profession for the best.

Congratulation for LDA who grab the challenge and responsibility to facilitate the leader in dental profession in the world to serve the profession as a true dentist. in the right tract base on what Hipocrates said .

There will be a lot of obstacle in the future but as talented professional leading dentist sure will face-it as a challenge to serve better to the profession and the human kind

As collogue from Indonesia and on behave of Indonesian Cosmetic Dentistry Society I congratulate LDA, special gratitude for Dr Ryuichi Kondo who's live and vision inspire many dentist in the world.

On this occasion I also want to invite all of you to come to Bali next year to gather and share the knowledge, vision and joy in dentistry.